Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another big Announcement

I know that many of you already know this bu we are officially moving to North Dallas, Texas! For some reason I always knew that this would happen and I am so happy to finally get the chance to move out of Colorado! I love CO, don't get me wrong, but this family needs a change! I think Texas will be the perfect spot for us right now. Brent is actually already over there working at his new job and loving it. So that will make things a little smoother as well when the hubby loves what he does. I am trying to sell the house here in Colorado for the next month and then I will be moving down there as well. We bought a beautiful house in Mckinney, TX already so no temporary housing for us. Brent's company will actually buy our house from us if we don't sell it in this next month (for a much lower price) which will be a blessing if we are not able to sell.

Tucker is just amazing as always- he continues to amaze me with how rapid his knowledge grows. He started walking full time while we were in Florida which has been so much fun! He loves to play and read books, and boy does he take after his Momma with his dancing skills! He also has started to be manipulative and started throwing temper tantrums. I think his terrible twos are going to be a challenge for me- so I guess I'm going to have to start pulling out books on parenting methods. If anybody has advice??