Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well Friends and Family

I finally feel like things have slowed down enough in my life that I can post. After a whirlwind of happenings in our lives, with finding out I am prego again, Brent accepting a new job, trying to sell our house in 30 days, trying to find a new house and area in TX we wanted to live, a vacation to FL, trying to find a replacement at work, closing on our new home in TX while still trying to sell our house in CO, MOVING to TX, waiting for our stuff to arrive (for 10 days) while doing mini renovations to the new place, trying to find a new midwife and pediatrician inTX, FINALLY being able to unpack everything, a family reunion in South Dakota, and then throw in there the everyday stress of life of wife, toddlerhood, and pregnancy and I feel like I am justified in delayed posts! ;-)

Seriously life has been crazy, but I love and welcome the change! Brent is so happy with his new position, which makes for a happier hubby and dad. Tucker is entering his terrible Two's before he has even hit 18 months, which makes life a lot more interesting, stressful, and absolutely hilarious. This pregnacy has just flown by and I can't believe I am less than a month away from having 2 kids. SCARY!! I'll post here in the next few days about all the specifics of this "busyness" but for now- here are some pics of our life in the last few months!