Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Perfect Summer Ending!

Okay okay... So I've finally taken the time to write about the happenings of my life. I haven't written anything since my first blog over 2 1/2 weeks ago- and there IS a reason! I have been in Hawaii for the last couple weeks and LOVING
every minute of it. My best friend Heather and I decided back in June that we needed a break from the world- and what better way to spend some time away than on the beach on an island a few thousand miles across the ocean!

We started In Oahu- North Shore in Hau'ula! There was so much we wanted to do and see that we didn't really know where to start. So of course we went back in time with a little history lesson and drove towards Pearl Harbor. We tried to think of a word to describe that experience and the best that we could come up with was... sombering???
Yeah- its kind of hard to describe I guess! But I cant even tell you how much pride I have in our Nation!! I am so blessed with all of the freedoms that I enjoy and take for granted at times. We have been given so many wonderful opportunities here in the United States that has all come at the sacrifice of our service men/women! I got a little emotional during my tour- oh well!! I sometimes feel that I have more blessings than I deserve...

Next we just bummed it on the beach until we went to Kihei, Maui for 5 days. Snorkeling in crystal clear water, biking Haleakala Volcano

,eating crappy sushi (for those of you that are not in the know- I kind of dated a sushi chef over the summer for a couple weeks- and my tastebuds officially will NOT tolerate any kind of mediocre raw fish in rice dipped in soy sauce- they have been spoiled), and eating Shaka's Pizza- with a little bit of Ben and Jerry's out of the tub, and watching 'Failure to Launch'- Matthew McConaughey being the main beach theme for the night(s)... Pretty much vacation Heaven! Loved our Condo!

Then it was back to Oahu where we went back to beach bumming it! I found my eternal love- and that is Matsumotos! It is a shaved ice store- except they put homemade ice cream on the bottom and it is downright AMAZING! We also went to the Laie temple-which is absolutely Gorgeous! Loved it and the visitors center and the missionaries in there! We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center- which is possibly my favorite part of the trip! I got to be reunited with my all too familiar Maori/ NZ culture that I have missed oh so much- and the other Polynesian countries and their heritages. I fell in love with the dancing!!! (of course) and I kind of liked the half naked men doing the Haka... and I recently decided that 5 years down the road- I want to marry a Polynesian man!

We crashed at a friend of a friends house on the floor. Which did not turn out in the best way- the "friend" didn’t exactly act friendly when we were around and it seemed like we were a burden more than anything- but we took her and her friend out to dinner and willingly drove her an hour to Walmart at midnight when she needed to get some things! We went ahead and decided to leave her house and check into our hotel a day early to get out of her way. Maybe she was just stressed out- but the very next day I get a txt msg from her- saying her landlady says that we owe her $150 for staying on the floor! Talk about hospitality- it would have been nice to know beforehand but… Oh well! Not much we can do about it now!

Heather and I are now in Waikiki- we're such bums! We like TV a lot, we realized! We lived a week without it and we decided we LOVE it! TV adds a nice touch to a vacation at the end of the night when you just want to chill. Last night we watched 4 movies! hahaha- Cinderella Story, Guess Who, Diaries of a Mad Black Woman, and The Village! haha- talk about BUMS!

We got Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages yesterday morning and then went to the beach! Love the vaca life... But we are excited to come back to reality- especially Heather cuz she has a new beau that she's ready to get back home to! Im ready to get back home to my car/ bed (car being my bed- as i dont have housing yet- hehe) Homeward Bound today! Well WOW! Hows that for an ALOHA blog!

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