Friday, September 23, 2011


Well It's about that time to update the blog and let you know how everything is going...

Austen LaRae Douglas was born 10 Days late (Ahhh- talk about agony!) on September 10, 2011 at 7:55pm. She is just beautiful and perfect in every way! I didn't know that the love in your heart could be spread among so many people but Brent, Tucker and Austen (along with other family and friends) take up most of it! Someone told me that Motherhood opens up chambers of your heart that you didn't know existed and I certainly find this statement to be true.

Austen is such a joy! And Tucker- well he is adjusting! :-) He loves to give her lots of kisses but he also likes to hit her head, poke her eyes, and rattle her brains when she is in her swing! But we are learning! The first few days were the worst, but now that I think he realizes that she is not going anywhere- he's toned it down a lot. Austen is such a strong little girl. She has been raising her head up since she was born. And now she is scooting by pushing up with her legs. She definitely seems a lot stronger than Tucker was at this stage (but we won't tell him that). I love all of her long black hair too! It is beautiful! I am hoping it stays dark but I think it will turn blonde because her eyebrows are almost nonexistent and blonde. She is fat little girl- and I LOVE that. Babies were meant to be chunky. This baby lost no weight either. Usually when babies leave the hospital- they lose a bit of weight, and maybe since we didn't deliver in a hospital it was different because she was the same weight at her 2 day appointment- ALL 9 lbs 6oz of her (and my milk wasn't even in quite yet). Initially I thought I wanted another boy when we found out I was pregnant again, but I am enjoying having a girl more than I ever thought I would!

Tuck is so much fun- he can drive me crazy, make me mad, and make me die of laughter all within a matter of minutes. I am so proud to be his Mom! He just keeps getting smarter everyday. He loves books, tools, dancing, sports and he especially loves animals! He loves to sit and read a book- which I just love because reading is my favorite pastime! Tools: He is such a manly little boy right now. He loves to take things apart and try to put it back together- I am constantly amazed at how he can figure things out. He loves to be like Daddy and fix things. He can be a good helper around the house, but he can also be a destroyer of anything valuable! Haha. Dancing is mine and Tucker's favorite little afternoon activity. We'll turn on some music- whether it's from the TV, or the baby swing, or his musical bear and just dance our little hearts out. We find each other's dance moves highly entertaining and usually cannot breathe because we are laughing at each other too hard. Tucker has also loved sports since he was 4 months old I think. Put a ball in his hand and he will be entertained for hours. I love watching him wind up for his pitch! He definitely turned out to be a good mix of his parents! He loves all animals too- his favorite shows on TV is anything on Animal Planet. He is starting to say animals and then their "noise" which is so fun. Although everything sounds like it says "Moo" right now.
Josh got Tucker a Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday this year and he has loved playing with it. He even makes the "Wheww" sound as he flies him around the room. When Nana was here- she put Toy Story 3 on and it was over. We have watched Toy Story at least 2-3 times a day since then. He LOVES it!

Raising two kids is surely an adjustment. There is definitely a lot less sleeping in the house right now. But I am just soaking up this newborn stage, whereas with Tucker I felt like I was a little too anxious to move on to each new exciting stage. I almost felt like I missed it because it goes too fast!

Brent is doing fantastic with work- he loves it. He is especially an amazing husband and dad. I am officially the luckiest girl in the world. My husband may not be the most romantic person in the world but he is the most amazing spouse and partner I could ask for. He is constantly taking care of Tucker when he is home and the laundry and cleaning the house. And did I mention that he LIKES to do dishes? I never have to do the dishes in my house if I don't want to. He is very involved and makes my load a lot lighter. I am so appreciative of him! We all look forward to the time when Daddy comes home from work...

Well that's it for now- I am probably going to be posting the details of the birth itself soon. I have a few funny clips of Tucker too that I have been meaning to post- so expect those sometime soon. Now that I am OFFICIALLY a stay at home Mom and don't work anymore- you will most likely see more posts.


  1. congrats!! and i'm excited to hear mor about your birth experience! She's a cutie just like her big bro:) and love the name, my middle name is LaRae, too :)

  2. YAY!!! She is so beautiful! Glad all went well. Miss you!

  3. Congratulations, Tara! She's a doll!