Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Ring Finger!

Soooooo I know that many of you have wanted to hear the story of how we got engaged! It's kind of a funny one...
To be honest we were not planning on getting engaged this weekend- in fact probably not until after I came home for the summer. But we went ring shopping to get an idea of what I wanted. We had gone ring shopping once before and we had found this ring and I loved it, but we decided not to get it since it was our first time actually ring shopping and I didn't know if it was exactly what I wanted. So we are out in Salt Lake, going to plenty of different stores- and I cant find anything that I like as much. So we go back to Zales to find this one ring. The first store didn't have it, second one didn't have it, so we went to another one- and lo and behold- they have ONE left, and everything about it is perfect, the size of the ring, the carat of the diamond, etc. Now this ring is on clearance for 70% off because it is being discontinued. So these are the last of them. So we might as well get it now right? So Brent turns to me and asks- "so do you love me"?. I said of course. So he handed his cc to the lady to swipe it. The lady takes everything (the certificate, the ring, the lifetime warranty) and we follow her up to the front... as she is getting our bag together- she asks me if I would like to wear the ring outside of the store. I don't remember saying yes, I think I was a little startled by the question. My hand was on the table so she grabs my hand and slips it on my finger. We walk out of the store- holding hands... "Well I guess we're engaged?!!!". hahaha so thats pretty much it. Brent tried to get it back, but it was already on my finger so I told him he doesn't have to ask me. He turns to me and said that he had wanted it to be much more romantic but I told him not to worry about it. So we called our families the next day and the rest is history!

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