Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I like sci fi??

So I have been reading the new book by Stephenie Meyer to help suppress my anxiety for the 4th book of the Twilight series to come out (August 2nd People!!!). And I have thoroughly enjoyed this book- The Host. Wow she really has an imagination doesn't she?! It is so completely different than the series but it caught my intrigue from the very beginning. I highly recommend it to those who want an interesting book to read. I also like how she very subtly incorporates religious beliefs. She's sneaky! I like her. And I definitely like her writing.


  1. ah! hooray! So I have many more fun pictures.. I don't think we'll be able to choose one. I can't wait to get your announcement!

  2. Oh my! I want to read this book! And I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!! It's going to be GREAT!! I like her too!! I also am excited for Midnight Sun whenev that comes out!! Yeah For Stephenie Meyer!

  3. Wow look who decided to finally post something and then off course it's about some book that I will probably never read, because I don't like to read and when I do it better be my scriptures. Anyways hope things are going well!!