Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Batman rocked my socks

So as you would have it... I officially LOVE Batman! I loved the Batman Begins (Christian Bale is just so sexy). ;-) I could probably have done without Batman and Robin with George Clooney and Shwartzenegger making it into more of a joke. Oh those were the bad days. The old ones with Adam West was where it all started to make Batman into more of a happy superhero than an average guy revenging (is that a word?) his parents who innocently died in bypassing crime. Then we have Val Kilmer... and dont get me wrong- I love the guy! But also made a horrible Batman (or maybe it was just the writers of that script). Either way they did a fantastic job with Batman Begins and now with The Dark Knight. There are definitely no pointy nipples on the bat suit! haha. Christian Bale portrays a fantastic batman who is certainly human with some awesome ass kicking skills.
What I love about this new movie- The Dark Knight- is there is pain, death, fear and hate. And of course there is also hope and love. But the movie is darker than every other Batman before. But that is exactly how it is supposed to be!
As for Heath Ledger.. I was absolutely blown away by his superior acting level. He was marvelous in that he was exactly how he was supposed to represent- A psycho! haha I give him 3 thumbs up.. if I had an extra! Loved the movie, and all the actors in it. Anybody else's thoughts?


  1. I totally agree! It really was amazing! I was sitting on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time due to the fact that there were like 7 climaxes.

  2. hey tara i didnt know you had a blog! I totally agree with you on batman i have now seen it twice and my husband has i think another 2 more times planned to see it! Congrates on getting married sooo soon only a week!!

  3. I will miss the pointy nipples.