Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Summer schpeal

Well hello there again! Im sorry to disappoint but unfortunately I have no proof to document these next event...
Continued summer update:

June 17- I went through the temple and took out my own endowment! For those of you who dont know what that is- it is making more covenants and promises to our Heavenly Father and abiding by them. It was a very exciting night. My parents and Brent's parents were there, and my Mema and Papa, and Brent's brother and his wife. And what better way to celebrate than going to Olive Garden afterwards! Goodness I LOVE that place.

June 20- We decided to go camping up by Fulford Caves. We both love to camp! and Michelle and Clint decided to come with us. The first night while Clint and Brent were fishing in the pond- some crazy drunk out of his mind guy came up to where Michelle and I were sitting and plopped himself down in one of our chairs. He looked absolutely horrible with matted hair, and food all stuck in his teeth and in the corners of his mouth. But what was funny was that he reminded me a little of Napoleon Dynamite with his Doritos stuffed to the max in his cargo pant pockets. We were dying of laughter. But he kept asking us stupid questions like "Where the F*#^ did you get your t-shirt?" We didn't appreciate the profanity so we just ignored him and he went away. But while he was leaving a car was pulling around looking for a camping spot... He runs in front of the car and says "Stop" and then runs to the drivers open window and says "License and registration please". He put his foot under the cars tire and his hands in the window so he couldn't drive away. And then he started yelling at him with the F word because he was trying to get away. Can we say psycho anyone? We found out it was the LDS scoutmaster in the car with 3 little 11 year olds in the car. Oh dear! Needless to say- we had a psycho on our hands! After the boys came back from fishing- Crazy comes back and sees Clint gutting the fish by the fire and comes up right behind him and just stands there waiting for Clint to notice him. Michelle and I are kinda giggling to ourselves... Clint stands up and asks the guy to leave. Drunk guy yells "What are you gonna do cut my throat out? Dont cut my throat out... Dont you DARE cut my throat out". (yup definitely crazy). SO then drunk guy tells us how much of @$$-holes we are... Throws the F word in there just a few more times for good measure, then starts walking down the road (with all his camping gear) and screaming "I am NOT a litter bug". Yeah we werent quite sure what to make of it either! Hahaha. We kept an eye out that night for any sign of him returning since he told us his sister was coming to pick him up, but luckily we never saw the guy again. The next day we hiked 7 miles up to Silver Lake(?). The snow drifts were still 6 feet high and all through the trail... made it quite difficult. It was a good workout though. Brent and I decided to go back down once the snow was getting ridiculous- but Michelle and Clint trekked on and didnt get back to the campsite until 8, dinner time with foil brown trout dinners. Delicious! It was a good weekend. I love camping!

July 4- Unfortunately I had to work this day down in CO Springs... but that night we went tot he air force base to watch the fireworks!! I love them- something about lighting up the sky with brilliant colors and patterns. It's magnificent! Right at the finale we got in our car to beat the crowd and watched it from the car... Right as we turned on the car the radio came on with the Perfect Finale song to go with the fireworks- "Proud to be an American" and it ended exactly with the fireworks. It was somewhat moving! After that we went home and watched a movie and fell asleep I think.

More updates to come! 9 days til the big day! Crazy!

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  1. I effin love you and the whole effin lodge knows it!! HA! That story of the crazy guy remind me of our experience that one night in Alaska! ;) Love it.