Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer summer

So Im just starting to get the blog bug... aka: where you begin adding blogger into your daily routine.
Well people it is official- I have EXACTLY one month until I am a married woman! It is just uncanny how fast time is flying by.
In light of this news- I decided to post today! Although I don't think I could blog anymore about Brent and I than I already have. So here is a partial update on my summer thus far...

1.) April 14- Amy Jo and Afton did my Bridals on the Salt Flats. So fun! I love those girls to death!

2.) April 19- I went back to Hawaii this summer right after finals. I love that place! Mainly the beach... I went snorkeling on a Sunday morning and my knee got slammed into a coral reef (OUCH!) I swam immediately to shore once I saw how much it was bleeding because a shark attack would not be my favorite way to die! No thanks! Anyways that's what I get for going out on the Sabbath.

3.) May 3- I came home in May and worked! Emergency Dental Care- we can get you out of pain TODAY- Relief is only a call away!

4.) May 15- Amy Jo came and did our engagements. We had a lot of fun just playing and going hiking in between shot times. Amy is such a good friend! I miss her!

5.) June 9- Brent's Birthday!! This was my favorite day. I surprised Brent with his bday gift and boy was it a good one- I was at his place the whole day even though he thought I was at work. I made him a good home cooked meal (Mesquite Pork Roast, Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes, Spinach Strawberry almond salad, and rolls, and Orange Julius drinks). I also cleaned his place and then when he was about to come home, I ran outside, locked the door, and pulled around just in time when he had pulled up so it looked like I was just getting there too. He unlocked his door and walked in and his jaw dropped. The food was already on the table hot and ready, with candles on the table and counter, and music playing in the background. He turned on me and accused me of lying to him about going to work. haha. We ate dinner and then ate the chocolate chip cookie pie I had made him for his bday cake. Then he opened his very sarcastic bday card and then his present in the living room which was Kenneth Cole cologne (it smells AMAZING). After that he figured I had to be done but no...
I told him he had one more present on his bed. He hadn't gone into his room at all yet... His first question to me, "Is it lingerie?" haha BOYS! I told him to go look. He opens the door and sees all BRAND spankin new bedroom furniture. Dark wood finish, king size bed frame, new mattresses, dresser and mirror, and a nightstand. I had moved his furniture all around that morning and put his current bed (it was on rollers) and dresser into the guest room and had the new stuff delivered. YAY! He was definitely NOT expecting that! haha- everything just went all too perfect! We had been talking about getting a new bed since his was only a double, and his dresser was from the 2nd grade. Anyways- he was excited! And so am I... I figured it appropriate to get a new bed since we were getting married soon!

Anyways so that is probably good for now! More updates coming soon...


  1. I still can't believe you're getting married!! Thats way exciting! I'm glad you are doing so wonderful! I'm happy for you!
    PS: Anytime you wanna sneak into my apt and make me food, you have my permission :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! You did such an amazing job for Brent's bday too! Scott was last week and I surprised him with a massage at the SPA...I went with him and it was SO AMAZING! Maybe that's what we should do when you come down the day before my wedding?! Anyway love hearing about you summer...and ps you are so dang skinny!! Jealous.

  3. Tara you are BEAUTIFUL! Just the other day I was thinking "if I had to redo my bridals I would have them done at the salt flats"! Those pictures are awesome (kudos Amy Jo)and I want to see more! Good luck with the last minute wedding details!

  4. Okay, I am totally blown away by the birthday thing! You are going to be such a good Wifey to Brent! Cute, cute, cute.

    -Chan...(using Josh'd profile ;)

  5. Gorgeous Bridals!!! What an awesome birthday suprise look at you all in love and head over heals!! I bet I would recognize you as the same person being all mushy and lovy!! But I love it. I am so mad I won't be there for your wedding