Sunday, September 28, 2008

Colds, sore throats, and rashes

I know I know! Im lame and am waayy behind in my blogs. I put honeymoon pics up on facebook and I definitely need to blog about that because it was an exciting one. Life still isn't slowing down!! I cant believe it's almost been 2 months since Brent and I were married. Life is moving faster than I thought it would. It's just been a crazy ride and it seems like we have something going every week. Brent has been sick for the past 3 weeks- ever since Lucy's wedding! It started out with a simple cold... which is still weird because Brent "never gets sick". Starting with allergy symptoms- itchy eyes, stuffy nose and the like. And then it turned into the flu I think- He had a fever, runny nose, headaches, and was going to bed at 9:00pm. He was tired all the time and his symptoms kept getting worse. And then last week it started going into his throat. He had the absolute WORST sore throat! So he went to the Doctor finally and the Doc told him that it was probably bacterial infection. So he put him on amoxicillin and called it good. We were hoping for a smooth recovery. Well that's when things just got even worse. His throat started to swell horribly... and when Brent asked me to look down his throat- it was severely swollen and red and there were white spots on the back of it. Apparently these were pus.
Well I told Brent to go back to the Doctor after 3 days (last Monday) and things were getting worse. The previous Doc wasn't there so he got a student Doctor substitute. Well that Doctor told Brent it was viral and that he should stop taking the antibiotics and to just get some good rest.
His throat again kept getting worse so he took off work the next day. Mornings of course were the worst to the point where he couldn't breathe. Later during the days though he would feel a lot better.
This last Friday we spent the night at his parents house because we were planning on driving to UT with them the next morning. We thought that Brent would be okay since it had the same pattern the last few days. But Brent woke up at 3am on Sat and felt horrible. His throat was killing him, he couldn't breathe very well, and to top it off- he had a horrible rash all over his chest and back. The rash looks to me like Measles but that is so rare these days. So we didn't go to UT unfortunately and went to the Urgent Care room instead. Well this Doctor told him that it was most likely bacterial in his throat. He thinks the rash is an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he was taking so he gave him a stronger antibiotics. His throat looked horrible yesterday- with the pus and he developed sores on the back of his throat. It's supposedly is called herpingina or something like that (not herpes) which are open sores on your throat that occur when your body gets run down.
Oh I just feel so bad for Brent. Today his throat is looking better but his rash has gotten significantly worse. The Doc called in some steroids that should help expedite the rash process. I wish there was something more I could do for him. Mainly Im just making him tea every few hours and letting him rest. Hopefully he gets better by Wed. because he has a big interview down in Dallas.
My poor hubby...

Anyways that's kind of been our life lately. More fun blogs to come...


  1. Tara- that sounds awful!! Your poor hubby. I hope he makes it to the interview too. We'd love to have y'all down here ;) Grandma and a few of my kiddos are sick right now too. 'Tis the season I guess :(

  2. Wow you barely blog and when you finally do you post that picture?!! Thanks!! Sorry that whole things sound miserable and frustrating!! Sorry!! Well hopefully once you guys get that all straightened out you will post some more pleasant pictures!!

  3. How awful! Did he get his blood tested? Just curious because it sounds a lot like Mono. My sis had the same rash when she went on antibiotics with mono and I had all of those symptoms you described. You definitely need to post wedding pics!!

  4. ouch! Sound horrible! Scott and I have been sick for a week and probably have the flu... Lets hope it doesn't turn into what Brent has!! Well, we missed having you down. You're right though about life not slowing down! It's a whirlwind...


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