Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year- More Posts

Okay so it's that time again that i start to get on myself for not keeping up with the blog- Especially because I'm always wanting to write down everything funny that happens in our life or just to rant. But I never do because life just gets to hectic and I'll figure I'll do it another time. Well that other time has now become 4 months later... haha! So here I am friends and family! And part of my New Year's Resolution is to keep up with my blog so that all may know what goes on in our lives! I rarely ever write in a journal anymore! (And what's the point when I now share all of my thoughts and feelings with my permanent attachment? ;-) Although he does forget half the things I say...) Blogging just seems so much easier these days and I need to catch up with the trend. So from here on out- you will be getting hopefully weekly updates on our life even if it's boring or it's because I found a new recipe I love by watching Rachel Ray and Paula Dean cooking shows!
So I guess I'll start this pronouncement off by updating you a little. (You'll have to get wedding and honeymoon updates later when I feel up to it because that is such old news!)

He is working like a maniac! He is a financial analyst for EnCana Oil and Gas and boy does he love his job. He loves working with numbers and telling me all about it. haha. He also loves working for the man right now because of all the great perks you get for working for a big corporation. But eventually he wants to start up his own business and run with it. He plays racquetball every Wednesday with the missionaries but he does miss working out. We've been the worst since we have been married and don't work out ever! Also another New Year's Resolution.
I work at Emergency Dental Care as the office manager. Thanks dad for giving me the job! I make good money but whew what a piece of work. The best part of the job is helping people, working with a few great people and watching the Food network while I work! Worst parts are dealing with insurance and scheduling employees is such a B. But I like it. I am going to eventually finish up school (1 dang semester left) but maybe I'll take my time. I love having nights open to hang out with the hubby!
Well I sold my car so we are down to one car these days. I take Brent to the bus stop or to work every morning at like 6:30 and it kills me! But it's good for me to wake up early. I suddenly turned old woman when I married Brent and we go to bed at 10:30-11PM rather than my college late nights til 1-2AM. But it's good for me! We are ward missionaries for the ward. We love it! There could not have been a more perfect calling than this. We both are doing what we love and that is sharing the gospel with friends and less actives, and we also help with new member discussions. We have the missionaries over for dinner 2-3 times a month. We also go to gospel principles and there is one kid that bugs the crap out of both of us. He is a member and really shouldn't even be in the class but he LOVES to answer every question and input his advice and knowledge anywhere he can. I don't think he realizes that the questions are for people that aren't members. Oh well... Anyways- I think that's a pretty good start for an update!

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  1. YAY! It's so great to have you back in the blogging world. I am hoping you post good recipes you see on RR and PD (ps. I love Paula)because I need some good dinner ideas!

    P.S. You don't know how bad I wish you lived close to me!! I miss you.