Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bulls and Avs

This past week- we have actually had a lot of fun. One great thing about Brent working for a big corporation is we get cheap tickets to various entertainment. Last week we went to the rodeo! Sooo much fun. It's been a long time since I've been and it felt good to go. First off- we went around the little shops and I bought some garlic spices and also a new scripture case. I know what you're thinking- at the rodeo? But yes- I found one that fits my scriptures perfectly and I bought it and yes it is western. Then we went to eat- bbq Turkey leg and grilled corn!
Delicious! Brent had never been cultured in this way so this was a first for him... And wow did he love that turkey leg. He devoured it and yes that is turkey grease and corn all over his face (I couldn't pass up on the kodak moment). He'd kill me for putting this up! haha And then on to the sweets- DEEP FRIED SNICKERS!! Also a first for Brent.
We were loving life! Then we went to go watch the pro bull riders. It such was a fun time. However, the kids behind us were chewin tabacci and didn't think it civilized to spit in a cup so they were spitting all over our bags on the ground. Gross! The guy felt bad and gave us a dollar for spitting all over our rodeo magazine we got. Still was grossed out by all the spitting noise behind us. The bulls were very exciting that night too. One rider got his foot caught in the stirrup after he had fallen off already and got whipped around by that bull and got stomped on his thighs. Ouch! And then another bull was coming charging the rider but the clown jumped in front of it to stop it and got thrown 10 feet up in the air. He was on the ground for awhile but eventually pulled himself up. I think even he was surprised he wasn't hurt! Definitely a fun night at the rodeo!
Then we got tickets to the Avalanche game for this last Tuesday. But Brent's dad called us and said he had a box seat for the game last Thurs- so we didn't pass it up. We got to go twice within the last week. First game was amazing! The Avs did pretty good and of course we got free food in the box- including a dessert tray and unlimited drinks. I loved it. And then this last time we asked Lucy and David to come with us which was still fun except we had to pay for our own nachos (that made me sick that night) and for our drinks. Avs did not do as well this game. But we did see some pretty good fights!!
All in all a fun week- but the best part of the week was on Sat when we got to see Brent's friend Lance get baptized! What an inspirational ordinance. Lance had been meeting with the missionaries since last March or April. Those meetings were awesome and I had the privilege of being part of some of them. Some people just aren't ready even when the feel the spirit and know the truth. But we knew it would happen eventually and Lance has been coming to church with Brent and I for a few months and finally made the commitment to baptism. It was emotional and encouraging and one of the best baptisms I have ever been to. I'm so proud of Lance! Of course we had to celebrate with friends and family at Texas Roadhouse afterward. What a great a great week!


  1. YAY! Another post and so soon after the last one. Good Job!! I do have to say I am a bit jealous since our week usually consist of BYU basketball games on tv, webelos, laundry, cleaning house, more cleaning of the house, and Scott working late. lol. What happened to my social life....oh yay.. you got married.. :) Thanks for the update on your lives. I love it.

  2. Tara this post made me very hungry!