Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lucky Valentine

Valentines Day was fun! We hung out with Brent's family all day during Valentines Day so we decided to do our V-day celebration the night before after work. I made him a delicious candlelight, sparkling grape juice dinner! The main event was Chicken Cordon- Bleu (one of Brent's favorites that I hadn't made yet), with cheesy taters, and a tasty spinach salad with an OJ balsamic vinegar dressing, and also homemade rolls. And then I did a chocolate peanut butter fondue for dessert complete with Rice Krispy Treats, strawberries, apples, Pirouette sticks, and brownies for dipping! It was delicious and we couldn't even move afterward. Of course I don't have any pictures to prove it, but I do have a witness! Brent can vouch for me!
For his present- I splurged and got him a cookie design bouquet (which I was disappointed didn't taste as well as I thought they would). I also got him a picture frame for his office at work because he complained that he didn't have a picture of me there. Haha! I'm not so vain that I put just a picture of me but of both of us though! I'm not one of those people that can just be like, "Oh here, have a picture of me! It would look fabulous on your wall!"
Brent's present to me were these delicious pecan turtles from some specialty chocolate store by his work. (I have the car during the day, so his options are limited). And he also wrote me a song! Haha. Believe me he's not usually that kind of guy... at all! No he didn't sing it to me or serenade me in any way but it was a poem with a chorus! It was great too! I was pretty impressed but I seriously think that he had no idea what to get me and decided at work the day of to try and do something from the heart since he waited until the very last minute to decide what to get me. Haha and he told me so- it took him about an hour! But Im used to that now- apparently that's how all boys are- Last Minute! But I still found it romantic.
The next day on Valentines we went snowboarding with his family at Copper Mountain because Janelle and Marshall came over from UT to visit us. After about 5 runs down I was hit with Nausea though and felt like I wasn't going to make it down the mountain. I didn't feel good the rest of the ski trip, but Brent and Marshall had fun the rest of the time. That night we went out to TGI Fridays with Brent's whole family. Luckily I was feeling better by this point and could eat a little. I ordered chicken and shrimp. When It came, I cut it open to find that it was raw inside. So they comped both Marshall and I's meal since he had the same thing.
Anyways- Brent and I are doing well! We are excited for Josh and Chan and the girls to move to Colorado so that we can hang out with our nieces more often!

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  1. whew! Finally it's going to let me post a comment. xlent. So good job on taking care of your valentine....4 months ago! :) See you in Alaska in 2 days.