Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birth Photography

I was going to have my birth photographed professionally. I had never heard of someone doing such a thing until my Midwife- Kathleen had mentioned it. I was intrigued and did a little research on it. As soon as I saw some of the beautiful photos- I knew I wanted it done. Kathleen recommended Natasha Hance, and as soon as I saw her work- I fell in love! Tasha told me upfront that she was going out of town on the 8th of Sept- but since we all thought that Austen was going to come on like the 23rd of August, I told her that we were going to be fine. Well fate, or my stubborn daughter, thought otherwise and I delivered while my photographer was visiting her family in Rhode Island. Go figure! ;-) So she did Austen's newborn photos a couple weeks later!
Well my Mom brought her good camera- so she was my babysitter and photographer at the birth! Man I love her. The photos aren't professional but I think they are fabulous!

So this is my attempt at recreating a slideshow that Natasha does for her birth clients. I used one song that she uses in her slide-shows because after listening and watching one of her's, I downloaded the song onto my ipod and listened to it while I was in labor. It became an empowering song for me, so I felt it was appropriate to use. Check out her work- it's fantastic

Thank you to my Mom who helped to document a very special day! And no it's not too graphic, but you will be seeing a birth- so there may be some stuff you don't want to see! ;-)
I recommend watching it in Youtube and changing the photo quality from 360p & for the full screen...


  1. Beautiful pictures, Tara! I'm impressed at how good you look while in/directly after labor. I did not look like that...haha. Congratulations again! Austen is beautiful.

  2. Tara, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and all the photos. Way to go doing such an awesome job! What a great story and such an encouragement to other women!

  3. How beautiful Tar...this really turned out amazing!