Wednesday, October 26, 2011

♥ Fall in TX

Well it's about that time for the update!
Wow I can't believe a whole month has already flown by. Austen is 6 weeks old already! I have a hard time keeping up with the time lately- it seems to sneak past me like a high-schooler coming home past curfew!
But I am enjoying being a mother of two so so much. Austen is such a blessing and I can't imagine life without her now. That goes without saying-I feel the same way for Tuckerman.
Update so far:
A week after Austen was born I thought I was feeling fantastic so we went to the Plano balloon festival... and ended up walking 2 miles to the front gate from our parking spot. Not. Smart. After having a child barely a week prior- your body hates you for even getting up and walking around the house apparently. But I thought I felt so fantastic compared to last time that I could do anything. Well it made my bum sore for about a week after that, even though I felt so good right after the delivery. So week 1- felt on top of the world, week 2- still on top of the world, but with a slight bum soreness. Next time I'll be more careful, and let my body heal a little better.

Week 2 and 3 were spent getting used to the 2 kid routine. And to tell you the truth- even though I feel like I am so busy and sometimes Tucker stresses me out with his constant breakdowns- I love it! Stay at Home Mom mode is finally kicking in and I love to play games with Tucker, nurse and coo with Austen, make homemade bread anytime I can, and just enjoy each of my kids. Week 4- we had Austen blessed and Mom and Dad, Sophie, and Lucy and David were able to come last minute! So great to see everyone. Week 5- I probably watched more Toy Story than I would ever like to admit (I am brain dead), and again loving the snuggle time with my kids! Week 6- Brent has a conference for work down in Galveston and takes us with him. We stayed at a fancy schmancy Resort right on the beach. I thought it was beautiful! Tucker and Austen and I enjoyed our beach time, pool time, park time, and just hanging out in the hotel. When we got home from Galveston- we went to the Texas State Fair! I love the fair! We had more deep fried things then any person should. Deep fried pizza, coke, oreos, and snickers were all on that list. Not to mention the tacos, milkshake, and famous fries we also inhaled. It was a fun outing with the kids, although I think we liked it more- what with our high calorie carbs and sweets. And here we are coming on Week 7 and already I feel like my fall is slipping away from me too fast. I didn't even have time to blink before Summer had already past without me so much as putting on a swimsuit. We try to get outside while it is still so beautiful and perfect weather. Did I mention that it was 79 degrees today? Like I said perfect. (I heard it snowed in CO- kind of made me grateful for TX fall weather).


  1. Fantastic pictures! No better time to be in Texas...Fall is perfect!

  2. Love the pics and updates! Can't believe Austen is already almost two months old!!