Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tucker has this fetish...

Tucker is a broken record and will not give up on the Toy Story routine.
6:45AM- wake up and run to the TV, pointing and saying "Bu" meaning Buzz, then eat breakfast and play with toys, go down for nap. Wake up around 11:30-12 and run to the TV and scream for Buzz, and then he'll try once again to get Toy Story on when Daddy comes home around 5:30-6pm. I'm not kidding you people- there have been a couple days that we have watched it THREE times a day! He will not give up. Persistent lil bugger. But I have become a little bit better parent and have limited it to once per day. Twice is excessive and three times is just unhealthy not to mention bad parenting fail. As you can see in the video- we have meltdowns over this. This was at 6:00AM btw when this breakdown happened.

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